Our Partners

ACINO PHARMA AG - Switzerland

A Swiss Pharmaceutical company headquartered in Zurich that manufactures and internationally markets innovative pharmaceuticals. They have strategic focus on the Middle East, Africa, Ukrain/CIS including Russia and Latin America. Some of the products imported by Goodman International Ltd include: Olfen Gel – Diclofenac Sodium, Olfen 50mg Tablets – Diclofenac Sodium, Paraconica 10mg/ml – Paracetamol, Artequin 600/750 Lactab, Co-Amox ACINO 875 Tablets, Gasec 20mg Capsules – Omeprazole, Mesporin 100mg IV – Ceftriaxone, Neurorubine Tablets – Multi-ingredient, Xylo Acino 0.1% Nasal Spray, Trabilin 50mg Capsules – Tramadol


Some of the products imported by Goodman International Ltd include: 1. Carbimazole 5mg Tablets – Carbimazole 2. Glyformin 850 Tablets – Metformin 3. Griseofulvin 500mg tablets - Griseofulvin 4. Haloxen 10mg tablets – Haloperidol 5. Ketrozol 200mg Tablets – Ketoconazole 6. Mycoril cream – Clotrimazole 7. Nifelat R 20mg Tablets – Nifedipine 8. Remycin 100mg Capsules – Doxycycline Hydrochloride 9. Zesteval 200mg Tablets – Albendazole 10. Velorin 100mg Tablets – Atenolol


One of the leading in-house pharmaceutical companies based in Europe, specializing in the development, registration, manufacturing and life cycle management of highly complex pharmaceutical technologies and generic formulations Some of the products imported by Goodman International Ltd include: Belifax capsules – Omeprazole, Irifone gel – Etofenamate, Stabilanol capsules – Fluconazole, Stradumel Tablet – Allopurinol, Ladinin Tablet – Ciprofloxacin


A marketing authorization holder headquartered in Prien am Chiemsee in Bavaria/Germany that distributes and promotes high-quality pharmaceuticals with well-researched ingredients in more than 45 countries. They focus on growth regions such as the Middle East, Africa, South-East Asia and other emerging economies Some of the products imported by Goodman International Ltd include:. Parafusiv 10mg/ml – Paracetamol


A pharmaceutical manufacturing company in Egypt and the Middle East region that is involved in the production of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and consumer health care products. Their research and development programs focus on small molecules and explore new products for various medical conditions. Some of the products imported by Goodman International Ltd include: Liptomil Plus 1, Liptomil Plus 2, Pliptomil Plus 3, Liptomil Plus LF, Liptomil Plus AR 6. Liptomil Plus HA, Liptomil Plus AC 8. Liptomama Plus


World Medicine with the headquarters in Turkey is engaged in manufacturing and export of Human pharmaceutical products to more than 35 countries worldwide. With the motto of “ Health is a treasure we share” the manufacturing facilities are based in Istanbul Province, Cerkezoy District of Tekirdag Province in Turkey as well as overseas in Romania, Belarus and Algeria. With the mission to achieve the leading company status globally, the company presents a large portfolio consisting of more than 450 pharmaceutical products. Goodman International Ltd is proud to be the local technical representative for World Medicine with a product portfolio including products such as Azithromycin Tablets (Ziromin 500mg) , Azithromycin Suspension (Ziromin 200mg/5ml) and Sertofen Gel (Dexketoprofen 12.5mg)


A manufacturer based in Jordan that produces a wide range of Veterinary Pharmaceuticals, Pesticides, Fungicides, fertilizers, and plant growth regulators. The company exports its products to more than 80 countries to achieve a leading international position. Some of the products imported by Goodman International Ltd include: Cholvit Am – Multi-ingredient powder, Enrosol S – Enrofloxacin Oral solution, Levozan – Levamisole HCL, Oxyclozanide oral suspension, Oxyvitamin – Multi-composition powder for oral solution, Vapcozin 12.5 EC – Amitraz emulsifiable concentrate, Vazuril – Toltrazuril oral solution, Oxydone – Oxytetracycline HCL bolus, Super vitamin – Multi-ingredient oral solution, Benzatel – Albendazole + closantel oral suspension, Vapcogent – Gentamycin injectable solution


The LIPTIS Group of Companies are rapidly growing suppliers of Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals & Consumer Health Care Products in the USA and the Middle East. LIPTIS in-market and pipeline pharmaceuticals are well established as the gold standard in safety and efficacy across multiple therapeutic areas such as Musculoskeletal & Rheumatology, Cardiovascular/Metabolic, Urology, Anti-Infectives, Cold & Flu Preparations, Gastroenterology, Obstetrics, Pediatric Gastroenterology/Immunology. Goodman International Ltd is proud to be the local technical representative for Liptis pharmaceuticals with a product portfolio including products such as Vaxato 15mg (Rivaroxaban) ,Vaxato 20mg ( Rivaroxaban) , Atrozemb 10/10 (Atorvasatin/Ezetimbe), Atrozemb 20/10 (Atorvasatin/Ezetimbe).


An integrated healthcare group functioning in the African region through the distribution and supply of mainly pharmaceuticals, medical disposables and medical equipment. The company commits to improving the state of health of all Africans by providing high quality, cost effective healthcare products. As a recently partnered company , registered products this page will soon be outlined


A leading animal health company in china dealing with exportation of products to Africa, Middle-East, Asia and South America. The company focuses on product innovation in order to provide better products and services to the customer. As a recently partnered company , registered products on this page will soon be updated


A professional pharmaceutical company that handles import and export of medical instruments including hospital diagnostic devices, pharmaceutical machinery, surgical and dressing materials, disposable supplies, traditional Chinese medicines, dietary supplements as well as products for animas such as fed additives. Some of the products imported by Goodman International Ltd include: Disposable syringes – 5ml/10ml/20ml, Dosaging syringes – 50ml, Hard plastic syringe nylon non-adjustable, Ear tags – Goats and cattle, Ear Tag applicators


A pharmaceutical manufacturing company for veterinary products located in Ankara – Turkey which was established in 2009. The company has become one of the pioneers in the sector with ‘world-class service and product’ policies that showcase a large portfolio of supplementary feeds, veterinary products and licking blocks. All products are manufactured with international standards of GMP, ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and halal certifications.